Tuesday, June 2, 2009

15% Off?

Yeah it's true... I lost my mind! But it only benefits you! Call me from now until the end of June and schedule a shoot with me to receive 15% off. I don't know who of you are in the market for pictures this month, but I do know that everyone is in the market to save some money; the beauty of this promotion is that your photo shoot doesn't have to be this month! That's right! It doesn't have to take place in the month of June, it can be for any month, you simply have to schedule your shoot this month. I can offer a wide array of services from weddings, events, model shoots, comp cards, graduations, family portraits, etc. So call me, email me, Morse code me! It doesn't matter, but make it happen... WAIT!?!?! My Telegraph is going off...

* Photo shoot does not have to take place in the month of June to be eligible for the 15% discount. However, if the photography session takes place in a month other than June 2009, a 25% retainer fee will be needed to make an appointment for the future date. The 25% retainer fee is non-refundable; if the weather does not allow for the shoot to take place, the photographer will reschedule the shoot to a date that will accommodate both the photographer and the client.

Contact Information:
Giancarlo Espinoza